Our Terms And Conditions


1- Validity. These terms and conditions apply exclusively; we do not recognize any deviation by the buyer unless we agree to their writing application for deviation.  These terms and conditions do not apply to transactions made by the buyer as private Consumers. These terms and conditions also do not apply  for any purpose that is not officialy related to buyer business.

2- Quotations. Our offers are subject to change and are only considered as binding either after our confirmation or  with the execution of the contract (delivery). Any changes in our offers by the buyer require our written confirmation.

3- Prices. Our prices are ex warehouse, unless otherwise agreed. We reserve the right to change our prices in accordance with the general trend of market prices. We always consider the delivery day price.

4- Samples. Samples  are , unless otherwise agreed ,
have to be considered only as an indication of the characteristics of the product. Inevitable Deviations give no cause for complaint.

5- Delivery. The delivery of our products is made in standard packaging
(such as bags, cartons) with the weight determined by us. Packaged good´s weight might vary between  minus 5% and plus 5%. Even if we pay the transport costs,  the risk passes to the buyer as soon as the goods are hand aver to the forwarding agency or have left our warehouse.
Any transport related damage has to be notified by the buyer directly to the forwarding agency according the forwarding agency foreseen deadline. We are authorized to claim any damage caused by buyer´s default or violation of obligations. We can also demand compasation. We reserve us the right to further claims. Our delivery schedule is to be considered as approximate without any guarantee if not explicitly agreed on a fixe delivery date in advance. In the case we happen to be in default with delivery obligation, buyer has to allow an reasonable extension of delivery date prior to any order withdrawal or damages claim. We are not responsable of default or impact caused by war, civil war, riots, raw materials and energy shortages, strikes, lockout,  traffic jam as well as similar unforeseeable, unavoidable situations.

6- Warranty and Liability. Any complain must be immediately - and
no later than 24 hours - notified to us in writen form after receipt of the goods . We ll repair the deviation In case of justified complaints. Buyer is not allowed to sale any claimed goods without our consent. Buyer bears the full risk of other consequential damages if claimed good is sold without our consent. We are legally responsible for damages based on intent or gross negligence from our part. We are legally responsible in case of non-respect of essential contractual obligation. In all other cases, our liability is excluded.

7- Payment. Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made without any deduction within the 5 days following the invoice date. A discount is granted only upon express written agreement. In the event of default paiment by the buyer, we are allowed to charge  interest of 8% above the base rate. Incoming payments cover the outstanding debt of the buyer in the
order of their creation. Payment must be done per bank transfer to one of our bank account. Cash payments are valid and effective only against receipt of our CEO. We are allowed to stop delivery or ask for advance payments in case of doubts about the solvency of the buyer and also in case of arrears.

8- Legal Interpretation/ Settlement of Disputes. This terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of Côte d´Ivoire for the time being in force. All disputes or differences whatsoever shall unless amicably settled between the parties hereto, be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration of the Côte d´Ivoire

9- Ownership. We reserve the ownership of the goods supplied by us,as long as we are still entitled to claim payment with the buyer. The buyer is not entitled to pledge the goods prior to our full satisfaction.
In breach of contract by the buyer, especially in case of default of payment,
we are entitled to remove our goods without any conditions